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Don't Waste Your Money: Concert refund struggles

Posted at 5:34 PM, Jun 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-09 18:43:28-04

Getting your money back for a canceled concert should be easier with TicketMaster now giving everyone the option for a cash refund, but what if you bought your ticket from a third party seller? Consumer reporter John Matarese shows why that may not be so easy.
This summer's concert season is looking less and less likely, but concertgoers are dealing not just with disappointment but also frustration over trying to get refunds.

Michelle Harper loves music: just look at her kid rock shirt. She was planning a summer filled with concerts.

"I personally bought Nickelback and the Doobie brothers."

But one by one her concerts were canceled; a reminder of the toll the pandemic has taken on the music business.

So Michelle contacted Groupon, where she bought the tickets, for a refund.

"They informed me they were only giving Groupon bucks for refunds. They weren't giving any money back to your cards or anything to that effect."

Groupon bucks are like airline vouchers you can only use them to purchase another event.

"So what would you think of getting this money back in just Groupon bucks? I don't think it's a good deal at all. I'm like that doesn't seem fair, doesn't seem right. you got my money. why don't I get it back?"

Now if you bought your tickets from TicketMaster, you should have no problem getting a refund. The site is refunding money to all canceled shows and if your show was postponed, it now gives you a 30-day window to apply for money back.

The better business bureau has dozens of recent complaints about Groupon issuing vouchers instead of refunds, in some cases for expensive vacations. Michelle says their fine print says nothing about Groupon bucks.

"Anything that is canceled, or when a new date is rescheduled, that they will issue your money back--it doesn't say in Groupon bucks, it says you will be issued a full refund."

After we contacted Groupon, the company agreed to give Michelle a refund, but caution, if you didn't buy directly from TicketMaster, getting money back can be tricky.
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