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Don't Waste Your Money: Cable TV cost-cutting scam

Scam alert for cable television consumers
Posted at 2:45 PM, Sep 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-28 16:12:30-04

If your cable or satellite bill is pushing $200 or more a month, you'll probably be interested in any way to lower it.

But you need to be on alert for a scam targeting subscribers, so you don't waste your money.

For Charlotte Harrison, Dish Network is her connection with the world.

“I don't have an outside antenna, so I have to depend on Dish," she said.

So when Dish called, saying she needed to upgrade her equipment, she listened.

"I think it's awful, because it scared me," she said. "I said I need to do this so I don’t lose my TV!"

At first, she says, the caller said it was optional ... but then his tone changed.

"But then he said we are going to cut you off if you don't do this," she said. "You have to do this, you have to send that check out today, or we are going to cancel your service."

He wanted her to mail $149 to a post office box in New Mexico.

“I said why can’t you put it on my regular bill? He said no you have to send that check out today," she said.

Turns out this is a slick scam, and it is not just targeting Dish and DirecTV customers.

People with cable TV are receiving similar calls about lowering their bill that claim to be from the cable company.

Last year, Jackie Wilkinson got a similar call about her cable equipment.

‘He asked do you want to save money," she said. "Naturally in this day and age who doesn't want to save money. So I said yes and he said great! Tell me how much you are paying."

Same scam, different day.

So don't let this happen to you, because:

  • Satellite and cable providers will never call you about lowering your bill.
  • And will never ask for an upfront payment for an upgrade.

Charlotte's daughter, Tiffany, is just glad her mom got suspicious.

If you want to lower your bill, give your provider a call.

And if they call with a so-called discount, hang up, so you don't waste your money.