Watch out for these holiday scams

Porch pirates are striking across the nation
Posted at 5:25 PM, Dec 17, 2019

'Tis the season for giving, goodwill, and unfortunately.... scams.

The holidays are the time of year when we tend to give people the benefit of the doubt.

That also means we let our guard down when it comes to scams.

So we have a warning about some of the top ploys to separate you from your money.

This is the time all those packages are showing up on our doorstep. And scammers know that.

Some of the top scams to watch for according to the Better Business Bureau:

1. Fake Amazon, FedEx or UPS delivery notices.

Lisa Wang was just targeted by one.

"They said you have a big shipment, an order for over $6,000,” she said.

2. Porch pirates ... who grab packages outside homes.

3. The puppy scam, where a Craigslist seller who wants you to pay shipping for Christmas puppies that don't exist.

It happened to Jeanne Burish.

"You just get drawn in," she said.

4. Fake apps from department stores.

5. The secret sister gift exchange: you won’t get the promised gifts.

6. Phony mystery shopper the one that targeted Stephanie Tull.

"They said it was from the National Mystery Shopping Network. and doing some research it seemed legit," she said.

And from the doesn’t that stink file, three holiday scams that go back to the dawn of the internet age 25 years ago. You'll say doesn't that stink .... if you fall for:

  • Bogus government grants.
  • Phony e-cards ..... and
  • Email letters from Santa -- that are stuffed with malware.

So sure, share the holiday spirit. But if it’s a call or an email, don’t be so sharing or forgiving, so you don’t waste your money.