Discovery Plus: Is the new streaming service with HGTV and Food Network shows worth trying?

Cost is $5 a month or $7 a month ad-free
Posted at 11:37 AM, Dec 03, 2020

Are you a House Hunters addict? Or do you prefer Chip and Joanna, Christina on the Coast, or Rachel Ray on Food Network?

Your favorite HGTV and Food Network shows are going to have their own streaming service starting on Jan. 4.

It's called Discovery Plus and will also feature shows from Discovery Network, TLC, Animal Planet and Travel Channel, as well as exclusive content from Bobby Flay, Joanna Gaines, and others.

It will also include Chip and Joanna's upcoming new Magnolia Network.

Is it worth paying for?

The cost is $5 a month with commercials, or $7 a month commercial-free.

But is it worth it? For cord-cutters who don't already subscribe to a paid service that already includes these networks, like Hulu, it may be worth paying another $7 a month.

Just make sure any of your other streaming services don't already offer HGTV and Food Network — otherwise, the service will mostly be redundant, with the exception of the Magnolia Network and other exclusive content.

How to get it free

However, you may be able to get Discovery Plus for free.

Just like with Disney Plus, if you are a Verizon Wireless Unlimited customer, you may qualify for a free year of Discovery Plus.

Over 50,000 episodes will be available, so you can truly watch Property Brothers 24 hours a day if that is your thing.

The only problem? Adding Discovery plus with Netflix, Apple TV Plus, Disney Plus, Hulu and HBO Max, and it can cost as much as your old cable package.

Learn more about the service at Discovery's website, and as always, don't waste your money.

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