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This Easy-To-Use Mini Bag Sealer Will Keep Your Foods Fresh

This Easy-To-Use Mini Bag Sealer Will Keep Your Foods Fresh
Posted at 3:05 PM, Mar 22, 2022

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If you have kids or anyone else in your home who loves to snack, you know what it’s like to have several half-eaten bags of chips, pretzels, goldfish and other munchies open at any given time. Chip clips work, but they can break easily and when you’re not using them, they can take up too much space in a kitchen drawer that’s already full.

We’ve found some inexpensive, easy-to-use portable mini bag sealers that solve the problem. So small that they only take up the room of one large chip clip, they also have snap-on hooks that let you hang them in your pantry, in a cupboard or anywhere else convenient.

I decided to try out this exciting little product to find out how well it works.


The small bag sealers come from Mempedont and are available in a few different colors. One side has a heated element that bonds plastic together, while the other side has a cutter. Here’s what the item looks like, unboxed:

Tricia Goss/Simplemost

You get a two-pack for less than $20 (the sealers are currently $18.99 for a pair on Amazon). This is awesome because you can keep one in the kitchen and store the other in your vehicle, purse, desk drawer at work or anywhere else you frequently snack.

They require two AA batteries each, which aren’t included but are easy to insert. Once the batteries are in, the sealers are good to go.

Tricia Goss/Simplemost

Pop the hook off the top (don’t worry, it snaps back on with no problem). Preheat the sealer by pressing down on the end of the gadget with the plus sign. You’ll notice it says “heating end” in small print underneath. Hold it for at least five seconds to allow the device to warm up.

Tricia Goss/Simplemost

Then, clamp the heating end onto the package you want to seal. Keeping it pressed down, glide it smoothly across the entire opening to seal it. When you want to open the sealed bag, use the cutting end in the same manner. Slide it across to slice the package open.

Tricia Goss/Simplemost

As I was testing it out, I found it’s easier to seal a bag from the center rather than the edge, which is a bit counterintuitive but works well. In this short video, you can see exactly how simple and convenient it was for me to close a bag of chips:


The two-pack of portable bag sealers has more than 9,800 reviews at nearly 3.8. Not only do customers use them to reseal food packages and keep items fresh for longer, but they also like them for keeping beauty and other household supplies from drying out.

“This product is exactly as described,” wrote one reviewer. “I love it! It works perfect to seal my Color Street nail strips that can easily dry out if left out. My nail strips are now secure!”

“This product is amazing,” shared another. “Worked perfectly. Very easy for the entire family to use. Love the hanging attachment.”

With food prices on the rise, anything that keeps pantry staples (and apparently, beauty items) from going stale is worth a try!

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