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Freed bull races through Israeli streets into building

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Posted at 7:25 PM, Aug 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-22 20:25:39-04

JERUSALEM — A bull escaped from its pen early Monday, setting off a panicked scene in the streets of a central Israeli city before entering an office building and evading capture for half an hour as it scampered through the hallways.

Bank Leumi said the bull entered its offices in an industrial zone in the city of Lod, near Tel Aviv.

Amateur videos showed residents scurrying for safety as the bull roamed the streets. Several cars appear to have been damaged, and the bull nearly gored one man who got too close.

Inside the building, the animal slid around the tiled floors as it ran through a hallway with several men chasing it.

The men unsuccessfully attempted to capture it with a makeshift lasso - a piece of rope that quickly frayed. After being chased out of the bank offices, the bull was tranquilized by city veterinary employees and taken from the area

Despite the chaotic scene, the bank remained bullish. "No one was injured and no damage was caused,” it said in a statement.