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Keira Knightly Wants Us To Stop Praising Dads For Basic Parenting

Keira Knightly Wants Us To Stop Praising Dads For Basic Parenting
Posted at 11:30 AM, Oct 06, 2020

It’s not easy to balance motherhood and work. Millions of moms can attest to that, and nobody has any easy answers. But what about fatherhood and work? Generally, dads aren’t asked about the juggling act, and actress Keira Knightley thinks it’s about time they were.

In an interview with Hello Giggles to promote her new movie “Misbehaviour,” Knightley wondered why dads are so rarely engaged in this conversation of balancing work and family.

“Why do we not expect a working man to be looking after their children as much as their partner is?” Knightley asked. “Why do we assume that they don’t feel guilty about not spending enough time with their children as well?”

It’s a subject that’s closely aligned with the feminist message of “Misbehaviour,” which also stars Keeley Hawes, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Lesley Manville and Jessie Buckley. Set in 1970 London, the film tells the true story of how the newly-formed Women’s Liberation Movement stormed the stage at the Miss World competition.

Back in March, Hawes posted a glamorous photo of herself and her castmates on Twitter:

Part of the problem, mom-of-two Knightley says, is that women often praise men for showing up as parents in ways that moms are expected to do all the time, without applause.

“It’s really rare to see a guy at a children’s [daycare], and if he is, people say, ‘Ooh what a lovely dad. Look at him looking after his own children,'” Knightley remarked. “You would never say that to a woman.”

Earlier this year, Knightley revealed that her husband James Righton, with whom she shares daughters Edie, 5, and Delilah, 1, is never quizzed about who is caring for their kids.

“Even in the workplace, my husband is never asked about childcare, whereas that would be asked of me: ‘So what are you doing with the kids?'” she told Porter.

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