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Jalapeno popper-stuffed meatloaf is perfect for a hearty dinner

Jalapeno Popper-stuffed Meatloaf Is Perfect For A Hearty Dinner
Posted at 9:20 AM, Nov 18, 2019

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Spicy jalapeno poppers are a crowd-pleaser, but they’re usually served as an appetizer rather than a main course.

If you’d rather combine all the best flavors of your favorite football snack into a hearty dinner dish, Jennifer Garza of Low Carb Inspirations has the recipe for you. Her Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Meatloaf sounds rich and filling while also fitting into a keto diet.

Garza, who wrote the “Keto Friendly Recipes: Easy Keto for Busy People” cookbook, combines ground beef or pork, onion, garlic, crushed pork rinds (yep, you read that right), eggs, cream cheese, bacon, jalapenos and seasonings to create a layered meatloaf.


It bakes at 400 degrees for an hour, and voila! Jalapeno popper meatloaf.

Garza says she’s also done variations on this meatloaf where cheese, spinach, olives, jalapenos, cream cheese and soft-boiled eggs are put in the middle of the meatloaf. She also recommends wrapping the outside of the loaf in bacon.

Speaking of bacon-wrapped goodness, Cast Iron Keto has a recipe for a jalapeno popper meatloaf bundled with bacon. This recipe uses ground chicken and almond flour, among other ingredients.

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Garza also has a casserole version of the jalapeno popper main dish on her blog iSave AtoZ that uses whole chicken breasts, if you’d rather skip the meatloaf format.

And while not keto-friendly, Premeditated Leftovers has a delicious-looking tater tot jalapeno popper casserole recipe. There are 2 pounds of tots, 1 pound of bacon and two packages of cream cheese in this one, so it looks like it could feed a crowd.

And if you’re not a fan of jalapenos, The Food Charlatan has a recipe for cream-cheese stuffed meatloaf sans peppers. Might help with the heartburn.

I’ve long been a fan of The Pioneer Woman Ree Drumond’s bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers, so pretty much any of these recipes look like an excellent dinner twist on the classic and tasty snack.

Which one would you make?

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