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Here’s How To Knit Or Crochet An Adorable Owl Beanie Hat

Here’s How To Knit Or Crochet An Adorable Owl Beanie Hat
Posted at 3:40 PM, Dec 28, 2021

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Every year right after the holidays, I like to pick up some new crafting project ideas to keep me busy during the winter months. Cozy knit hats are a perfect fit for this time of year because they don’t take long to make and they are not only useful but also look fantastic.

Once in a while I spot a pattern online that makes me sit back and go “Aw!” because it is so darned cute. This owl knit hat pattern really had me thinking, “Who came up with this cute idea?”

I love this owl knit hat pattern designed by Etsy store owner Julie (CocoCocoa) because it’s not an animal hat that only kids can get away with wearing. The stitching is lovely, and the pattern is designed so you spot the owls, but not in an obvious way.


Julie originally sold this pattern on Etsy for only $4, which is already a good price, but she decided to share it on her own website, Julie Measures, because it became so popular and lowered the price to $2.99.

In the original pattern post, Julie talks about the special person who inspired her love of owls: her mom’s mother, her Nana.

“She was a birder and had bird and owl decor items throughout her home. I vividly remember a macramé owl hanging that she had in her kitchen,” she wrote.” When I started knitting one of the first things that I made was an Owl Hat.”

Originally, the hat had only one owl in the pattern. Now, though, the entire hat has owls around it, and it has buttons to make their eyes stand out. It’s an effective design.

Like most hats, this owl knit hat pattern is knitted in the round with circular needles and usesdouble-pointed needles for the decreases, and you’ll also need a cable needle. It’s a great project for advanced-beginner to intermediate knitters looking for a fun hat to make.


She uses worsted weight yarn and said one 140-yard skein did the trick.

Julie also shared a YouTube video to help newer stitchers get the hang of the cable stitch required to make the owls on the hat.

If you prefer crocheting instead of knitting, don’t worry. Julie also offers a crochet pattern download on her Etsy page for only $4.


It’s just as adorable as the knit hat pattern, so you don’t have to miss out on making this cute collection of owls just because you prefer to use crochet hooks instead of a pair of knitting needles.

Happy stitching!

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