Blue Catfish caught at Lake Waco breaks records

Posted at 11:08 AM, Dec 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-08 19:31:26-05

It's a new record for Lake Waco!

These guys caught an 84.2 pound blue catfish during a fishing tournament on Saturday!

The previous Lake Waco record for a blue catfish was only 40 pounds.

The catfish also came in at a whopping 52.5 inches long.

The fish was caught during a Fish-on tournament Saturday, December 7.

"This fish was the result of responsible anglers practicing Catch-photograph-release and the special 30”-45” slot limit on blue catfish that TPWD implemented," said John Tibbs, the TPWD Inland Fisheries District Supervisor for Waco.

Tibbs says the fish was released to live another day, and could become large enough in the next few years to even beat the state record!