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Robstown Early College High School helps first-generation American achieve success

Graduate Isaac Lemus becomes valedictorian
Posted at 10:33 PM, Jun 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-04 23:33:11-04

ROBSTOWN, Texas — Isaac Lemus is the valedictorian of this year’s graduation at Robstown Early College High School. He’s a first generation American citizen with parents who immigrated from Honduras about twenty years ago.

He received the highest GPA in his class, above 5.0, because he took college credits through the early college program. He said he spent about 3-4 hours studying after school and participated in Varsity football and basketball. He was also a part of the National Honor Society, the Interact Club, and National Technical Honor Society.

“You just have to put the heart and dedication into it. If you actually care about your grades then everything will come natural to you,” Lemus said.

He received sashes and cords that he wore at graduation for his honors and school participation. He did part of his valedictorian speech in Spanish because his grandparents speak Spanish and came to the graduation all the way from Honduras.

He said he’s lucky to be able to Speak Spanish because not very many people he knows speak the language and it’s a way of honoring his culture.

“My favorite part would have to be the family-oriented, like everybody’s together, everybody supports everyone,” Lemus said.

He has a twin brother that graduated sixth in his class. Lemus said his parents being from Honduras and being a first generation American citizen motivated him to do well in high school.

“With like the pandemic and everything we cant take anything for granted and this honor has shown me that my hard work can pay off so anybody can do anything,” Lemus said.

The director of the early college program, Tony Bonilla Jr., said he’s proud of Lemus and that his hard work paid off because he received a scholarship to attend Texas A and M- College Station in the Fall.

“Isaac represents the heart and soul of what the Robstown community is all about…caring, giving, striving to be the best and giving back to the community,” Bonilla said.

Lemus said he’s hoping to inspire his family and other first-generation Americans to strive for success.

“I’m trying to inspire first generations. I have a bunch of younger cousins, little sister and everything and I’m trying to show them if I can be valedictorian than they can as well,” he said.

Lemus will be majoring in electrical engineering and hopes to get a job in that field when he graduates from college.