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Pet of the Week "Mudd" safe, ready to be adopted

Mudd is fully vetted and ready for adoption
Posted at 4:19 AM, Mar 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-31 13:58:38-04

UPDATE 3/31:

Mudd is safe and will be fully vetted soon and put up for adoption.

The woman who saved him, Gigi Rhodes, told KRIS 6 News in an email, "I transport our Texas pups to adopters on the East Coast... I ran across Mudd on Facebook. I am happy to say because of your news report, Mudd is safe. He is with me right now.

"Next, he will get fully vetted and put up for adoption. So soon he will have a loving family of his own."


More furry, lovable, and adoptable four-legged friends are waiting for their furever homes and that includes Mudd, a boxer mix at Nueces County Animal Services.

“He hasn’t had a lot of interest.” says Lisa Bockholt, animal advocate. “He showed up on the 16th here at the facility, Nueces County Animal Services. He came in on the 16th. He was picked up as a stray out on County Road 81 which is out in the Nueces County-Robstown area. He came in wearing a red color and that’s the color he was brought in wearing and nobody’s come to look at this sweet little boy. He’s a boxer mix and he’s a small size. He’s only about 40 pounds so he’s not gonna be too big, if you look at the size of his paws. He’s very calm. He’s super-friendly. Seems to be very social. Gets along with other dogs at the shelter.” If you’d like to come out and have in interest in Mudd, here’s what you can do.

“We would appreciate they set up a meet and greet in advance,” Bockholt tells us. “We do it on a scheduled basis. They can come down for a meet and greet. They’re welcome to bring their own animal. It’s important to test them with your own dog to see if they’re going to get along and if they want to bring the kids along, but come in and do a meet and greet and see maybe if he’s right for their family.” “You have to have an appointment for lots of reasons,” Bockholt went on to say. Obviously due to the pandemic but it’s also due to staffing. We want people to be assisted when they come in so we have to make sure we have enough help.”

If you’d like more information on Mudd, call Lisa 410.608.2195.

Please hurry because he needs a furever home now.

Mudd is looking for a home