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Flour Bluff ISD parents confident in district's handling of COVID-19

Posted at 6:42 PM, Nov 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-13 20:17:04-05

FLOUR BLUFF, Texas — Flour Bluff Independent School District currently has 18 active cases across the district. That number includes three students who are learning remotely.

In a statement, the school district said, “Flour Bluff ISD is continuously monitoring the reported positive cases of our students and staff. Over the past few days, there has been a slight increase in positive case numbers. Even with the increase, the total number is less than 1% of our total student population. To provide full transparency for our community, the positive COVID-19 case numbers that have been reported to the District reflect students who come to school each day AND those who are on remote instruction. Our online tracker reflects this information.”

The district sends letters to parents when positive cases are reported in one of the campus buildings, and parents of students who may have been in close contact are provided additional information.

Megan Jolley has three kids in Flour Bluff ISD, she believes the district is doing a great job handling COVID-19 protocols.

“To me I feel like they’re doing an outstanding job. They notify us any time there’s been a positive case on campus,” she said. “The staff and the district are doing a really good job of handling it. When a positive case does come up, they’re taking care of it. They’re getting the contact tracing, and following through on what they have to do on the protocol for the CDC.”

In regards to the district’s COVID-19 Standard Response Protocol, they are currently in Stage 2, which means all district safety protocols are in place, and affected areas are closed for deep cleaning.

The qualifications for the district to reach Stage 3 are, “confirmed, active COVID-19 cases in one specific area reaches 5% of facility occupancy for PK-8 Grades and 3% for 9-12 Grades.”

While some parents have chosen to have their kids learn remotely, Jolley chose to send her kids in person, and feels comfortable doing so because of the way the district is operating.

“I did not like the virtual education, I feel like my children were not learning from it. I 100% want my children in a classroom. Flour Bluff is doing an outstanding job,” she said.

The district’s top priority is the safety of its students and staff.

“Our students and staff are working very hard to stay safe and healthy by following the protocols lined out in our District’s Reopening Plan. This includes staying home when not feeling well, wearing face masks where appropriate, following hand washing protocols and maintaining social distancing. Our parents have also been great partners in ensuring the health and safety of our students by supporting our processes and procedures,” the district said in its statement.