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Mother's Day family traditions continue at Rose Hill Cemetery

Traditions like barbecuing and mariachi music
Posted at 8:56 AM, May 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-10 09:56:37-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Many families are celebrating Mother’s Day by going to the beach or a restaurant, but some are celebrating at Rose Hill Memorial Park and Cemetery with some traditions.

One of those traditions is something many Hispanics have taken part in, playing mariachi music at the cemetery with songs like Las Mañanitas, a song that is sung mostly at birthdays and celebrations.

Alberto Rodriguez said it was one of his sister’s favorite songs, a sister that died when her daughter was only a month old.

“Mariachi music is something we’ve always held in our hearts….the family really enjoys this….the music…..now with my family that has passed that really enjoyed this music….that is why we brought the mariachi,” Rodriguez said.

Other families like the Garcias are continuing their tradition of barbecuing, a tradition they would have been celebrating with their loved ones if they were alive. Today they are honoring their mother, Viola Duque and their grandmother, Elvira Garcia, and said they know they’re still here in spirit.

“This is something that she would’ve wanted and she would always ask of me…me being the oldest, she would always tell me no matter if I’m gone I will always be here in spirit with y’all,” Monique Garcia said.

Other families like the Reyna-Zuniga family are continuing their tradition of sitting in a circle under a tree that their grandpa built. Jesus Zuniga said that today they’re honoring their mother and grandmother as well as his brother who have all passed away.

“Our family was always a close family. My grandparents would always have us in a circle. We had a chair, she had a chair, rocking back and forth that my grandpa had built from a tree and we would go and sit down and listen to stories all day,” Zuniga said.

Their family said they hope it’s a tradition they will pass on to future generations.