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Hispanic Heritage Month: Juan Jose 'Johnny' Canales shares his entertainment legacy

The Johnny Canales show
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Posted at 10:19 AM, Oct 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-10-07 20:12:47-04

As we continue to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month, we’re hearing from former Tejano singer/songwriter Juan Jose “Johnny” Canales.

For nearly 40 years he’s been a household name while creating a loyal following of Coastal Bend music fans.

The Johnny Canales show made it's on-air debut in 1983.

Broadcasting throughout Texas, California, Chicago, and Northern Mexico, the show has over 2.5 million people tune in to one of Coastal Bends favorite show.

Showcasing emerging bands from Mexico and the United States, Canales is credited with one of the first live performances of Selena Quintanilla, and he said she was full of charisma and star power at a young age.

“And I put her on there, and people began to like her and then boom, she shot up like a rocket, boom," Canales said.

His television show features interviews with established and upcoming musical entertainers and groups and musical acts.

But his long list of musical legends he’s had on his show, doesn’t stop there.

He’s had Jennifer Pena, Los Tigres del Norte among others.

“La Mafia, Roberto Pulido, Ramon Ayala international; Ramon, they know him everywhere," Canales said.

The show aired on Televisa in Mexico and Univision in the U.S. from 1988 to 1996.

Sharing a piece of his family history, Canales told us his father was born in Texas, his mother from Mexico and he grew up in Robstown.

He's also a veteran and said he's proud of the Coastal Bend’s support of veterans.

“I am proud to be a Mexican American, a Hispanic," said Canales.

With all of his career success, Canales said one of the best things he's done, is give musicians a chance by inviting them on his show.

“Now they say, I remember when I came on the Johnny Canales show, when was that? It was a long time ago. And since then we became who we were now. So, we give you credit for helping us get to you know where we are right now, and that’s good," Canale said.

You can watch the show on Sundays at 10 a.m. on KRIS 6.