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Fishing Report for Saturday, October 10

Posted at 10:10 AM, Oct 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-10 16:45:11-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX — You would think with the nice weather this weekend, that calls for good fishing; but fishing guide Joey Farah said not to be fooled.

Farah spoke with Chelsea Torres for the Saturday, October 10 fishing report.

As you start your day, Farah said to "look for receding tide and that really pulls the game fish out of the back bays out on their migration to the surf." He said there were a lot of redfish out on the Bayfront about a two weeks ago and now they have flooded back in with the high tides. He said since they're coming back through, it's best to hang out around the jetties as well as all the Gulf passes.

"There's a huge push for Gulf Flounder right now on this dark moon phase," said Farah, "so we're catching a lot of flounder right now in and around the boat ramps, docks, piers and sea walls."

Farah said the best way to catch a flounder right now is with soft plastics or small live bait. He prefers bright or flesh colored plastics.

"With the flounder, they have a smaller stomach, large, big, massive mouth and lots of teeth but they go for small bait."

"Hang out where the bait is," Farah said flounder will lay up under pier posts feeding off of the minnows, shrimp and other creatures attached to the posts.

For boat fishing on Saturday, Farah said there are a few boat tournaments in the Coastal Bend, so it will be busy on the water.

"Down in the Laguna Madre a lot of Speckled Trout are being caught by live croaker. Along the King Ranch Shoreline, in 4 feet of water look for the scattered sand pockets. Up north in Nueces Bay, it's real hot on the oyster reefs and at Indian Point Pier, at night under the lights they're catching a lot of trout on speck rigs."