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Concrete Street Amphitheater hosts first-ever drive-in movie

Posted at 11:38 PM, Aug 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-15 01:01:27-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Concrete Street Ampitheater is known for concerts, however because of COVID-19, the venue hasn’t held a concert since early spring.

Friday night, folks got their chairs, blankets and air mattresses ready for a different kind of show as Concrete Street Amphitheater hosted its first-ever drive-in movie.

Concrete Street General Manager Mark Schaeberg said the amphitheater will be showing movies on the weekends for the rest of the month.
“We thought this would be a great, social way to do a family event,” said Schaeberg.

The movie began at 9 p.m., but cars were lined up outside of the venue as early a 8 p.m.

With social distancing guidelines in place, the parking lot at the amphiteater fit about 100 vehicles.

Each vehicle was parked at least 6-feet away from others. While people watched the movie from their vehicles, they were not required to wear a face mask. However if they used the restroom, they had to put a mask on.

For some children, it was their first time experiencing a drive-in movie with the family.

“We got chairs and a blanket and we’re probably going to watch it in the trunk, so we got all prepared,” said Liliana McCollum.

“With COVID-19 and everything, we can’t really go out,” said another moviegoer. “So this is a good thing to come out to.”

Tickets ranged from $40 to $50 and come with a $20 food voucher. If you want to order food or drinks while watching the movie, you can place an order online using a QR code, and staff will bring the food to your vehicle.