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You Can Get An Ornament That Looks Just Like Your House

You Can Get An Ornament That Looks Just Like Your House
Posted at 11:00 AM, Nov 19, 2019

There are many unique ornaments with which you can trim your Christmas tree. But a tiny version of your house might just put the hominess factor over the top.

Samantha Bravoco of the Massachusetts-based Etsy shop Forever Figurines specializes in intricate, miniaturized versions of people’s real homes. Ornaments cost $79, with about half that amount required as a deposit.

Customers send Bravoco photos of their homes and other details they would like included, and she creates a version the homeowners can hold in their hands.  Ornaments are made of polymer clay, painted with acrylic paint and coated with a finishing gloss.

The details on the figurines are quite amazing. Take this lovely two-story wood and brick house, posted to the @shopforeverfigurines Instagram. Bravoco included everything from the carriage doors on the garage to the wreath on the front door and the potted plants on the front steps.

And this cute cottage is complete with textured trees and a raised white picket fence.

Bravoco told People that she started clay sculpting eight years ago and opened her Etsy business in 2015. At first, she made miniature ornament versions of people’s wedding cakes and pet sculptures. But now her tiny homes have taken off too. She has even created figurines of churches, businesses and other buildings.

“I have had many beautiful and emotional responses from customers over the years,” Bravoco said. “Many are brought to tears as they open their items, whether it be the memory of the house they grew up in, or their wedding cake, or a pet they have lost and long adore.”

Take a look at one of her mini cakes on her Instagram site, which comes complete with little bride and groom figurines.

“Everything is custom, handmade and hand-painted so they take time and I can only do so many per day,” Bravoco told “Today.”

In fact, if you’re thinking this would make a great Christmas 2019 gift, think more long term. Bravoco is so in demand that she has a waitlist stretching out six to seven months. So you might want to order one now for your Christmas 2020 tree.

These adorable ornaments just might be worth the wait! What would you miniaturize for your Christmas tree?

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