Twitter users stupefied after Chadwick Boseman loses posthumous Oscar

Chadwick Boseman
Posted at 8:17 AM, Apr 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-26 09:17:49-04

(NBC News) -Twitter users were perplexed after Chadwick Boseman lost the best actor Oscar to Anthony Hopkins on Sunday night.

The award was shuffled from its usual spot in the show to be the final award of the night, leading many on social media to suggest that Boseman's performance in "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom" was a shoo-in for best actor.

When Joaquin Phoenix announced that Hopkins had won the award for his performance in "The Father," Twitter erupted with confusion.

"I never truly believed that the producers of the show didn't know who was gonna win the awards before they were announced until now," Josh Billinson tweeted.

Hopkins was not present for the ceremony. Billinson followed up his tweet, adding, "Anthony Hopkins is gonna be so excited tomorrow morning when he wakes up, makes some coffee, and finds out he won Best Actor."

Some declared that this year's Oscars ceremony was officially the most chaotic. That would mean it was even more wild than the year "La La Land" was accidentally named best picture over what turned out to be the actual winning film, "Moonlight."

One user tweeted that the ceremony could have used one fitting song to play the show out, while others also joined in to express bafflement.

It was producer Franklin Leonard who comforted others by telling them that Boseman would not be upset over losing and that others should not be upset, either.

"Honestly not even stressed about Chadwick not winning, because I know Chadwick wouldn't have been stressed about not winning," Leonard wrote. "He would, however, want us to go back to work tomorrow aiming unconscionably high in both art and humanity. So that's what Imma try to do."