Comedian Steve Trevino discusses doing stand up during the pandemic

Pop Culture 101: How to be funny during pandemic
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Posted at 9:27 AM, Mar 16, 2021
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CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Comedian Steve Trevino, who grew up in Gregory-Portland, shares what it is like doing stand-up comedy during the pandemic and his volunteer efforts towards the veterans on this episode of Pop Culture 101.

America’s favorite husband talks about what it has been like doing stand-up comedy during the pandemic.

“It’s funny because life gives you these things where, you get taught lessons you know and one of those things were you know, oh my gosh I’m tired of being on the road being you know running around the country," Trevino said. "I just need a break and you know they gave me one and it made me realize that I love doing stand up (comedy). I love being on the road and it gave me an appreciation for life and what I do."

KRIS: In your stand-ups, you talk about a lot of things that we are doing during this pandemic. How do you come up with the idea and connect those two things?

ST: “I always look for the positives the glass is half full and my wife and I through 2019 were desperately trying to get pregnant and really wanted to be pregnant and we had suffered a miscarriage and we weren’t able to get pregnant and all of a sudden during this quarantine we got pregnant and that was a blessing for us and that was something special for us and I had to talk about it and I had to get on stage and let people know that not only did it happen to me, it happens to a lot of people."

KRIS: Giving back to the community is something that Trevino loves to do, especially through an organization called Helicopters for Heroes that benefits veterans, how important is this organization?

ST: “What people don’t understand is that we have lost more veterans to suicide than in the Vietnam war. Helicopters for Heroes is a way to channel my energy to use my celebrity to raise money and I am proud to say that last year we raised half a million dollars and 98% of that goes back to our veterans."

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