Que Bueno Taco Fest supports The Historic Ritz Theatre

Posted at 9:49 PM, Sep 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-13 22:49:45-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — 6 reasons to go to Que Bueno Taco Fest 2019.

1. Que Bueno Taco Fest supports The Historic Ritz Theatre

Que Bueno Taco Fest was created to raise funds to restore the historic Ritz Theatre in downtown Corpus Christi. This year, CCPATCH, the local nonprofit handling the restoration, is going to take the biggest step they have ever taken by repairing the roof, plumbing, and electricity in the almost 90-year-old building. They are doing this thanks to a matched $100,000 grant from the city's TIRZ fund. After completing phase one of the restoration, the theatre still has so much work that needs to be done. You can support them by attending and spending money at Que Bueno Taco Fest 2019.

2. Taco trucks on every corner!

We have all had that dream where there are taco trucks on every corner right? At Que Bueno Taco Fest, they willl literally have taco trucks on every corner. These aren't just any taco trucks. Some of these taco trucks took home awards in last years Que Bueno Taco Fest taco competition and some of the first time taco trucks are planning to strip the previous winners of their titles. Here are the categories they will be competing in:

  • Best overall taco
  • Best meat, seafood, and veggie tacos
  • Best breakfast taco
  • Best dessert taco
  • Most creative taco
  • Best salsa and best tortilla

3. Did someone say shopping?

The La Tienda portion of last years festival was truly magnificent and this year it will be even more magnificent. Located at the BUS downtown, La Tienda will feature some of the best local crafters and artisans, as well as crafters and artisans from all over Texas! You will find all the most unique and beautiful items in one place, made by the most passionate vendors around.

4. Dance and sing with some amazing local and touring musicians!

This musical lineup speaks for itself.

5. The Chihuahua beauty contest is legendary

Without a doubt, the Chihuahua Beauty contest sponsored by Metro PCS is the most adorable part of the Festival. The competition is fierce. Entry fee per Chihuahua is $10 and the winner will be crowned based on which Chihuahua deserves to win. Last year, a very talented pup by the name of Twiggy Smalls took home gold in the compeition. No word on Twiggy returning to defend the title. You will have to come and watch to find out. You can enter the competition here: (click here to enter)

6. Tickets are only 6 bucks

A regular festival can cost anywhere from $30 bucks to a few hundred bucks. Que Bueno Taco Fest isn't your ordinary Festival. They want everyone to be able to come to the festival so they made it as affordable as possible. The fest is run by people who love Corpus Christi and tacos. Here is a breakdown of the ticket prices.

Ticket Prices: ADVANCED PRICE/DAY OF SHOW PRICEGeneral Admission - $6 + fee/$10 + fee4 PACK - $20 + fees/Advanced Sale OnlyVIP - $100 + fee/$175 + fee
Get your tickets here: (click here for tickets)