Charity League raises record $300,000 for Timon's Ministries

Posted at 5:35 PM, Feb 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-27 18:38:46-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Fashion met charity today at the American Bank Center.

The Charity League held their yearly fashion show this afternoon.

And what a great one it was.

The group of 40 ladies puts on this show year after year, featuring clothes from Julian Gold.

But the best part?

Charity League announced it raised over $300,000 this year. All of that money is going to Timon's Ministries.

“We are adding more bathrooms,” Timon's Ministries executive director Kae Barry said. “We only have one for each gender and we don't have enough showers and we don't have enough laundry facilities. We have one washer and one dryer. We want to put in four stackables, or something.”

Congratulations Charity League for raising the most money than in any other year.

And congrats to Timon's Ministries as well.