Celebrate Global Cat Day today with the KRIS 6 staff!

Posted at 7:55 AM, Oct 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-16 12:14:26-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Global Cat Day falls on Oct. 16 every year. Dogs get plenty of attention -- its time for cats to take the spotlight for a day. Post your cat pictures in the comments!

This is Seth Kovar's sister, AKA his mom's cat, Boo. She got her name because of her Halloween-inspired color scheme of orange, black, and white. Boo just showed up on Mom's back porch one day, so Mom started feeding her. Not surprisingly, Boo became a frequent flier at Café Kovar. Eventually Mom started letting her in the house some, and now she's mostly an indoor cat. Seth has been able to pet Boo on occasion, but Mom is pretty much the only person she likes. Seth says she's a sweet cat, though, and Momma Kovar loves her so.

Producer Monica has a kitty named Marvel. They named him Marvel thinking he was a girl. One day, they noticed SHE had extra appendages. Luckily, they figured the name could be for a boy or girl. Marvel was found in the dirt outside of Monica's house. They thought he wasn’t going to make it, but he’s now 3 years old and loves to fight with his best friend, a big dog named Skylar.

KRIS 6 anchor Katia Uriarte and her son, Daniel, take a selfie with "Drippy." Katia found Drippy when she was working at a station in Jackson, Miss. She was tiny, and in need of a home, and Katia gave her one. Nineteen years later, Drippy and Katia are still going strong, and Drippy's adopted a couple of new humans, too.

Here is that selfie!


This group of kitties belong to director Vanessa Trevino. Say hello to Twilight, Pearl, and Oreo.

Grizz is a 4 year old Persian cat who belongs to KRIS digital content producer AJ Benavides (@attaboyaj). Grizz likes chasing lasers, giving headbutts, and sleeping on AJ’s shoes. Fun fact: Grizz snores a lot.

Director Daniel Torres has this little cutie named Madison.

This is editing manager and camera operator Sean Manning's cat in a box, Smokey.

and last, but not least, we have Chaos.

Chaos the station cat went home with our very own Cat last week, Catherine McGinty! Chaos spent months outside the station greeting our news staff and quickly won Cat’s heart.

"Some of my generous co-workers put some money together to help pay for her veterinarian care," Cat said. "Other than an ear infection, she is healthy! She received all of her shots and will get spayed next week!

Cat reports that Chaos is settling into domestic life well. She was rather perplexed at first by the idea of using a litter box to do her business in... but now she is a litter-box queen.

"My golden retriever, Shipley, wants to be her best friend," Cat said. "But Chaos is still a little unsure about all that.”