Local pets live their best life on #LoveYourPetDay

Posted at 5:25 PM, Feb 20, 2019

If you have pets, you know they are considered part of the family and loving them comes naturally, but there just happens to be an entire day devoted to loving your furry, feathery (or scaly) friend. February 20 has been designated as National Love Your Pet Day.

We asked for photos of your pets to show them off and received over 3,500 images! We can’t post them all here, but will link to the thread at the bottom of this story for your viewing pleasure.

From what we saw, pets around the Coastal Bend were living their best life today.

The day started out normal for some local pups, including helping their owners with the chores, like Sasha.

Photo: Frank Rubio

While some spent the morning as many of us wish we could… sleeping in.

“Yin and Yang”

As the day continued, it was time to get some exercise, which is always better with a friend.

QT rides on Benny during a walk. Photo: Natalie Lara

…and so is shopping.

Photo: Tommy Cantu

Others celebrated with parties of their very own.

Happy 21st, Dexter! Photo: Aimee George

One pup was spotted planning their Spring Break getaway…

And other pups just gave us all #SquadGoals.

Heatwave, Skymarie, Greenbean, Rocket, Biscuit and Max. Photo: Selina Fuentes-Spicer

Wendy played sidekick for her Superhero…

Photo: Meagan Reininger

While Yami and Mika played it cool, even with Weston’s tail-pulls.

It was all about the chill for Cardi B(unny) today.

Cardi Bunny. Photo: Brittney Andrada

And others sat in anticipation and waited for a new family member to arrive.

Nila, Harvey, Athena and Spyro. Photo: Amber Smith

It’s safe to say that all pets enjoyed the extra attention today.

Bruce. Photo: Amber Tabarez

Even if they had a hard time showing it.

Photo: Nichol Attaway Edlin

🐶 It is National Love Your Pet Day! 🐶 We want to see all the photos of your pets you have saved in that camera roll! Post them here and we will feature some on our website!

Posted by KRIS 6 News on Wednesday, February 20, 2019