Ishka Monument needs new sculptor, funds for completion

Posted at 6:31 AM, Oct 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-23 11:54:47-04

Many people in Corpus Christi know that this town was once ran by Native Americans. Since Indian bones were found in 1994 at Suter Park, the find prompted the South Texas Alliance of Indigenous People to commemorate those lives that were lost.

Larry Running Turtle Salazar says the Ishka Monument would be a place for others to honor those Indians that once roamed here.

Currently there is a medicine wheel on the site where the monument should be. The wheel symbolizes health and the cycle of life.

Ishka Monument Medicine Wheel.

But Running Turtle says that the project has been delayed because of one problem, the sculptor that was set to sculpt the monument passed away earlier this year. He is now looking for a new sculptor and even says he is open to suggestions to the design.

The monument site is owned by Parks and Recreation and the agreement between both organizations ends in June of 2019. When asked what would happen if there is no monument by June 2019, Parks and Recreation stated that they would get with the alliance to confirm a new or different agreement.

The South Texas Alliance of Indigenous People are still seeking donations, currently they have $21,000 but estimate the monument to cost about $300,000.

To donate to the South Texas Alliance of Indigenous People, call 361-563-6702, or