Pet of the Week: Leela

Posted at 11:02 AM, Jun 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-13 12:02:24-04

Every day, families turns to a breeder or specialty store after making the decision to bring a pet into the mix — usually, a dog or a cat. But have you ever considered the option of adopting an animal from Corpus Christi Animal Care Services?

Many of the animals CCACS cares for come to their facility frightened and in need of someone to instill confidence that they will be loved and cared for in a clean, safe environment for the rest of their lives.

Such is the case with our Pet of the Week.

Leela is a 2-year-old female Catahoula mix. She is part of a breed known for their ranch work and who, in 1979, became the State Dog of Louisiana. More and more, people are also discovering that dogs like this are also great as family pets.

Although she was adopted as a puppy, Leela ended up back with CCACS and efforts to reach her owners proved unsuccessful. Much of her initial timidity can likely be ascribed to her need to be able to trust that someone is going to take care of her. Maybe you?

Go by 2626 Holly Road Monday through Saturday from 1:00 to 5:30 PM, or call (361) 826-4630 if you are interested in adopting Leela. You are welcome to bring your children or any current pets you have, in order to spend time with her any animal you may be thinking of taking home.

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