CCPD keeping an eye on our roads from above

Posted at 1:00 PM, Jul 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-09 15:39:14-04

The Corpus Christi Police Department is keeping an eye on our roads from above. They are using cameras at city intersections as another tool for solving crimes and enforcing traffic laws.

Intersection cameras join other tech tools like body cams, skywatch tower cameras, and police car dash cams. This technology all has one job - to help catch criminals.

"It's another great tool to help us keep our community safe," said Liuetenant Michael Pena, with CCPD.

Beginning in 2008, these cameras have been placed at dozens of intersections in town, and they can be moved to high-crime areas as needed.

When a crime occurs near an intersection camera, investigators will look to see if they can use the video as evidence.

These cameras are not used for people jay-walking or running red lights. Instead they're used for serious offenses like a hit-and-run.

"Should somebody run a red light and strike a pedestrian, yes we're going to look for that video," said Liuetenant Pena.

Police can also use these cameras to investigate vehicle thefts, and can even keep an eye out for speeders.

For example, back in February, CCPD noticed speeders along Ocean Drive and Shoreline. The department set up a camera in that area, and caught 10 speeders.

Keep in mind, these cameras are not monitored by officers 24/7, but they are on 24/7, which allows them to be another great technological cool the department has in their pocket.

"The technology is excellent," said Lieutenant Pena. "It helps us to do our job better, (with) more transparency."