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‘Bloomerang’ Lilacs Bloom From Spring Until Fall

‘Bloomerang’ Lilacs Bloom From Spring Until Fall
Posted at 1:05 PM, Jul 23, 2021

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Lilacs are some of the most beautiful flowers you can add to your garden — but the joy they provide is often short-lived. When spring rolls around, these fragrant blossoms show their full splendor before fading away in just a matter of weeks.

But thankfully, we’re gardening in the 21st century, where plants are capable of unexpected things.

Bloomerang lilacs from Proven Winners allow lovers of these crowd-pleasing flowers to enjoy them for roughly twice the amount of time of a regular lilac every year.


According to Proven Winners, Bloomerang lilacs are engineered to bloom twice every year. They will show up once in the spring, like regular lilacs, before new buds appear in the early summer and create a second bloom that lasts until early autumn. That kind of staying power is unheard of with lilacs and makes this new-ish variety a marvel for gardeners.

Bloomerang lilacs have been around since 2009, according to Better Homes & Gardens, and have become a secret weapon for many gardeners who love to keep a fragrant plot well into the summer months.

A shrub of Bloomerang lilacs measures up to 60-inches tall with spacing up to 72 inches and requires moderate maintenance, according to Proven Winners. This growth chart shows the amazing timeframe you can expect from these blossoms. With a dormant period from November to March, you’ll get a blooming period that covers roughly half of the year, from April to October.


How To Get The Most From Bloomerang Lilacs

If you live in an area with a cooler climate, your garden could be the perfect home for a bush of these unique flowers. The care page at Proven Winners grades them as being fit for USDA Hardiness Zones 3 to 7, which range from the northernmost of the contiguous states down to about Oklahoma and Tennessee and even includes the southern reaches of Alaska.

This is similar to normal lilacs, which require a period of cold weather to really thrive before blooming. Proven Winners boasts that Bloomerang lilacs are “very, very cold tolerant” and will produce stellar results in America’s northern states.

Although these flowers love cooler weather, they still require a good amount of sunlight. At least six hours of full sunlight a day is required for best results.

Proven Winners says that Bloomerang lilacs will attract butterflies and hummingbirds but are deer-repellant. They are also “exceptionally” resistant to disease and won’t fall prey to unsightly fungus or bacteria that can affect standard lilacs.


Where You Can Find Bloomerang Lilacs

Given the popularity of the Proven Winners brand, you can likely find Bloomberg lilacs at your local garden center.

However, even if you aren’t near a garden center, Bloomerang lilacs can be purchased online for shipment across the nation. Home Depot has them available in gallon- and quart-sized planters. The bigger option lists for $29.28 and the smaller one for $17.25, but as of publication time they were on sale for $23.98 and $13.98, respectively.

You can also find them in the same sizes at Amazon, with Prime shipping available for subscribers.


The average reviews at both retailers hover around four stars out of five from hundreds of customers, so it looks like these plants are no disappointing gimmick.

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