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Arkansas father arrested after piercing son's ear

The man's son reportedly told classmates that his father was drunk and put him in a chokehold before piercing his ear.
Arkansas father arrested after piercing son's ear
Posted at 2:58 PM, Apr 26, 2023

A father was arrested for piercing his son's ear, authorities in Arkansas said. 

Police were alerted to the situation after the man's son showed up at school with one of his ears pierced. The child reportedly told classmates, while his teacher was present, that his father was drunk, put him in a chokehold and pierced his ear. 

The Tontitown Police Department said in a statement that officers conducted a welfare check on the boy at his father's home on April 20. The man reportedly admitted to piercing his son's ear, but refused to let officers speak with his son.

The statement says officers left the home and contacted the local prosecutor's officer to determine how to proceed. 

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They were advised that a person cannot perform body art on an individual under 16 years old regardless of parental consent. It's also illegal in Arkansas for an individual to pierce someone's ear in an unlicensed facility. 

The police department stated that officers went back to the man's home to arrest him. 

A video posted online shows the man standing in his doorway when four officers forcibly placed him under arrest and walked him through the neighborhood in handcuffs. 

In the video, the boy who apparently got his ear pierced could be heard saying he wanted it done. 

The man was released on bond and is scheduled to appear in court in May.

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