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‘Arendelle Aqua’ Is The Hot New Color For Disney Food And Merchandise

Posted at 12:10 PM, Sep 21, 2019

Some Disney parks fans love to talk about their favorite rides or characters. But lately, many Disney theme-park guests (adults and kids alike) are all abuzz about trendy colors.

First, it was rose gold, which popped up everywhere, including the ever-popular Minne Mouse ears. Then, other colors, such as potion purple, magic mirror and imagination pink, took over the top trendy spots on social media.

But now, Disney’s latest color craze may soar to new heights as it ties in with one of its most popular franchises — “Frozen.” Say hello to Arendelle aqua!

This new color is the first in Disney’s color collection to receive a global release.


Inspired by Queen Elsa’s beloved Arendelle, this cool shade of blue captures the magic of everyone’s favorite ice queen and her chilling powers.

Arendelle aqua enthusiasm is spreading all over Disney parks as fans eagerly wait for the upcoming release of “Frozen 2,” scheduled for Nov. 22.

Until then, “Frozen” fans can enjoy a whole collection of Arendelle aqua merchandise without leaving home, and park visitors can try delicious treats in the new blue hue. Of course, there are the iconic mouse ears in Arendelle aqua (for $27.99), but here’s a rundown on some of the other awesome aqua products you can collect — or eat!

Arendelle Aqua Mini Backpack by Loungefly

This cool-blue sequined mini backpack has those signature ears we love and a satiny bow. You can get one at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Resort. It’s at for $90.


Arendell Aqua Tumbler

This glitzy Fantasyland Castle travel tumbler will keep your drink cool or hot while you’re on the go. You can get one at Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resort, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and for $22.99.


Arendelle Aqua Spirit Jerseys

This women’s spirit jerseys lets you show off your Disney love and stay warm at the same time. The cotton pullover has a light dusting of glitter all over, and the lettering is in a playful iridescent puff ink. You can find it at Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resort, Disneyland Paris and for $64.99.


But there’s more than merchandise for fans of the new Arendelle aqua at Disney parks. If you’re visiting this fall, you might want to dig into some of these incredible “Frozen”-hued treats found at Disney theme parks until Oct. 31.

Frozen Arendelle Aqua Lemonade

You can find this refreshing treat made with frozen lemonade, passionfruit and pineapple in Epcot’s Norway pavilion.


Arendelle Aqua Pearl Cupcake

Satisfy your sweet tooth at Epcot’s Sunshine Seasons food court with this gorgeous Nutella cupcake with aqua buttercream frosting. It’s almost too pretty to eat!


Arendelle Aqua Sugar Drop Doughnut

This specialty treat can only be found at Walt Disney World’s All Star Music resort. These sweet cake doughnuts have a blue fondant glaze and topped with a winter sugar crystal mix.


Arendelle Aqua Macaron

At the Disneyland Resort in California, the Arendelle aqua macaron is a three-bite piece of sweet delight. It’s filled with blueberries and cream, and instead of taking the traditional round shape, this treat combines three of the meringue cookies to create a macaron shaped like Mickey Mouse.


Arendelle Aqua Linzer Cookie

More “Frozen” fun treats from Disneyland with this delicate Linzer cookie. The snowflake cutout reveals a mixed-berry jam and chocolate-ganache center.


Arendelle Aqua Churro

What snack is more trendy and cool than a churro? Disneyland’s Arendelle aqua churro takes cool to a whole new level with its blue-colored sugar coating on the outside of the warm pastry snack.


Arendelle Aqua Popcorn Bucket

OK, so the popcorn isn’t aqua, but you can carry around your favorite finger food in style with the Arendelle aqua popcorn bucket from Disneyland.



With so much cute merchandise to choose from, shopping for our favorite Arendelle aqua goods will keep us plenty busy until “Frozen 2” premieres.

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