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Aldi Is Selling Bright Pink Watermelon Wine

Aldi Is Selling Bright Pink Watermelon Wine
Posted at 9:25 AM, May 14, 2020

Watermelon is the unofficial fruit of summer, and this year, Aldi is selling bright-pink watermelon wine that’s perfect for sipping on all season long. Burlwood Cellars Pacific Fruit Vineyards Sweet Watermelon Wine is only available at Aldi for a limited time. Quantities are limited, so make sure you snag a bottle or more while you can.

According to the product description, the fruity wine features “notes of watermelon and citrus complimented by a rich, long-lasting finish. Perfect complement to a delicious meal, beautiful day, fun party, or on its own. Serve chilled.”



According to Delish, a bottle will set you back about $3.49, depending on your location. It’s already been spotted on Aldi store shelves around the country, and so far, people seem to think the pink drink is definitely worth a try.

Instagram user @brianaz0716 put hers it on ice and called it “very good”:

How pretty!

Over on Twitter, @Queen_Ash89 said they finally jumped on the “Aldi wine bandwagon” and found the new watermelon wine “pretty good”:

An Aldi-centric Instagram account at @aldi.mademdoit shared that the Pacific Fruit Vineyards line also offers three other flavors: Mango Moscato, Sweet Pineapple and Peach:

I bet these fruity wines would make a great base for sweet sangria, and they sound like the ideal drinks to pack for a picnic this summer.

If you’re looking for more ways to incorporate watermelon into your adult beverages, these boozy watermelon ice pops are sure to hit the spot when the sun is blazing. They take just four simple ingredients to put together, and you can use the spirit of your choice. Rum, vodka or any other liquor will all make for a more grown-up version of one of your favorite childhood treats.

If you’re all in on the hard seltzer trend, White Claw has added a watermelon flavor to their lineup this year, as well as lemon and tangerine. They introduced the new flavors in a March 5 Instagram post:


White Claw also just announced two new summer flavors, pineapple and clementine.

Cheers to watermelon and booze!

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