5 Reasons to Have Hurricane Shutters Installed This Summer

11:49 AM, Aug 07, 2018
9:29 AM, Jun 13, 2019

What is protecting your largest investment – your home, that is – should a natural disaster strike? Any savvy homeowner ought to be prepared for Nature’s wrath way ahead of time and that, of course, includes hurricanes. With unusually high winds and dangerous flying debris, hurricanes can wreak havoc on a home that doesn’t have the proper armor.

Summer is the best time to install protective shutters on your home. Here are five reasons why.

1. It’s Never Too Early to Prepare for a Storm

Hurricane season actually begins earlier than people think, around June 1. Though the peak season for storms is typically the very end of summer and early autumn, earlier in the season is a better time to get your home in optimal shape for the inevitable. Whether you recently crafted a dream home and moved in, or your well-loved abode is due for updates, outfox Mother Nature and make sure your windows are covered.

2. Shutters Not Only Protect Your Home – They Beautify It

When you think of something that protects the windows of a home, does a utilitarian, unattractive set of shutters spring to mind? Well, think again. Today’s hurricane shutters are both attractive and efficient, giving the exterior of your home a cosmetic facelift. Custom colors and shapes exist to suit each home’s individual appearance and enhance value.

3. Shutters Keep Your Home Cooler

Ah, summers in Texas – they can scorch the soul. Some days, we simply want to hide away in the air conditioned comfort of home and not think about the power bill. Here’s the good news, though: high quality hurricane shutters will keep your home cooler and keep power bills low.

4. Shutters Can Bring In More Light

Do you love the long days of summer? Certain types of hurricane shutters can actually let more of that wonderful light into your home. Lexan Hurricane Shutters, for example, feature a clear panel so light is still able to filter through the window, yet they protect when the time comes.

5. A Hasty Decision Later Can Lead to Error

As it is with most quality products, hurricane shutters are often imitated in cheap materials that won’t keep your home and family safe. For example, Bahama Storm Shutters made with PVC – and not sturdy aluminum – can leave your windows exposed to the elements. And when homeowners are left making hasty, uneducated decisions right before a storm hits, it often results in poor judgment, like picking subpar products. Fortunately, when you call the folks at Academy Window Coverings, you can rest assured that the hurricane shutters you purchase offer optimal protection.

Want to know more about hurricane shutters and talk to a professional who can help protect your home? Contact Academy Window Coverings today at (361) 852-6088 or visit AcademyWindowCoverings.com.

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