Restorative Rest is Essential to Your Good Health: Here’s How to Achieve It

10:09 AM, Jan 24, 2019
2:03 PM, Jun 12, 2019

Restorative sleep is crucial to mental and physical well-being—a key to staying active, healthy and energetic and being a mood booster. Without it, you could be at risk for illness, injury and a faster aging process. “If you have a good exercise and diet along with a healthy sleep habit, you’ll feel better overall,” explains George Moore, CEO of Wilcox Furniture, which has four area locations. “When you’re worn down, that’s when you catch colds.”

Five stages of sleep are necessary for restorative sleep to occur, allowing the brain to heal itself. Moore recommends these tips for achieving optimum restorative rest:

Minimize Distractions

Cut out the noise and put the cell phone away, he advises. “One of the first things you should do is remove the screens from the bedroom, (TV too), because they don’t allow the brain time to disconnect from the activities of the world,” Moore says.

Set the Room Temperature to 72 Degrees or Cooler and Keep it Dark

“You need a cool room,” he says. “People also go through different stages of temperatures when they sleep. You want to get that deep regenerative sleep at night.”

Get the Right Bed

“A key factor is having a good mattress and foundation that will give you the support you need for restorative sleep,” Moore says. “You need to have continuous blood flow throughout your body while you’re sleeping,” he says. “There are many body types. The sleep system needs to accommodate yours—apple, pear, hourglass.”

Types of mattresses range from the conventional to sleep systems incorporating newer technology, pocketed coils and high-resiliency foam layers. Adjustable Beds also are available with USB ports to power up those screens if you must have them, and allow for the raising of the head and feet.

“Many people have health issues and these beds you can lay flat and raise your leg and increase blood flow to your brain,” he says. “They can be very therapeutic.”

Test Drive a Mattress

With all the choices for features and firmness levels, customers are best served with a store visit and test drive. “It’s great to lie on the mattress for five minutes to figure out what makes you feel comfortable,” Moore says. “We need to have you trying a firm, extra firm and plush mattress set. Whatever the system, the bedding should be changed every eight years,” Moore offers.

Wilcox Furniture offers a 30-day price guarantee, paying the difference plus an additional 10 percent on prices of any other Texas retailer. Those spending at least $499 get free sheets and memory foam pillows. All to help customers rest easy knowing they got a good value.

“Our society doesn’t put restorative sleep or good sleep high on our priority list. But we would not survive without good sleep,” Moore says. “We spend $35,000 on a car every four years in which most people will spend a maximum of two hours a day, but expect to spend $899 on a good mattress set where we spend as much as seven to eight hours every single night. That’s over 200,000 hours sleeping by the time you’re 65.  We should be spending around $3,500 for good sleep. Our priorities are all messed up.”

With a focus on value, quality, service and convenience, the 65-year-old business ( was voted Best Place to Buy Furniture in Corpus Christi. Sales associates at its four locations—5858 S. Padre Island Dr. and 9602 Up River Road in Corpus Christi; 2021 S. Brahma Boulevard in Kingsville; and 12 TX Business 35 in Rockport—are trained in the latest changes in furniture manufacturing and interior design process to help inform customers on the brands and styles that may better suit their needs.

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