5 Tips to Get Your Car Ready for Summer

4:44 PM, Jul 26, 2018
9:44 AM, Jun 12, 2019

With summer almost upon us, it’s time to get your car ready to survive the searing heat that is certain to settle in before long. Here are some tips to help make sure your vehicle provides you with reliable, comfortable transportation when the temperatures rise.

1. Make sure your battery is in good shape. Extreme heat can affect the performance and the life of a battery. If yours is more than three years old, have it tested – especially if you’re planning a road trip. You don’t want to be stuck on the side of the road with a dead battery.

2. Get an expert mechanic to take a look at your air conditioner. If the AC fan makes a strange noise or if you smell an odor when you turn the air conditioner on, you probably have a problem. You certainly don’t want to be driving around in near 100-degree heat without air conditioning.

3. Check under the hood. Even if you don’t know that much about cars and trucks, you can open the hood of your vehicle and make sure leaves or other objects aren’t blocking the incoming vents and making your air conditioning system work harder than it needs to work.

4. Pay attention to your tires. They can be just as much of an issue in the summer as in the winter. When the air heats up, the temperature of the road soars to even greater heights. Driving at high speeds and the friction caused by excessive braking can lead to blowouts. If you were thinking about saving a few dollars by buying used tires, think again.

5. Check your fluid levels often. Hot weather can cause your antifreeze and oil to evaporate and become less reliable. To be safe, keep an extra bottle of antifreeze – or at least a bottle of water – in your car in case your radiator overheats.

If your radiator does begin to overheat, which is always a possibility if you are stuck in heavy summer traffic, put the car in park and rev the engine slightly, which will help water and air flow through the radiator. If your temperature gauge tells you there’s a problem, turn off your air conditioner and crank up the heat all the way, transferring heat away from the engine. If neither of these options work, pull off the road, turn off the car and call for a tow truck.

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