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Fear Your Roof Repairs

Posted at 9:08 AM, Nov 05, 2018
and last updated 2019-06-13 14:34:29-04

Repairing your roof is not something you should ever put off. Roofs are often taken for granted, but are essential to maintaining your home’s safety. When roofs are damaged or poorly repaired, you risk a collapsed roof, poor insulation, trapped moisture, and more. In fact, mold and mildew from a poorly repaired or leaky roof can affect your health. Here are four things you should be wary of when considering roof repairs:

1. Bad, Partial Repairs

Non-professionals will try to get things done fast, and that often that leaves room for error. Leaving bad or partial repairs on your roof can be dangerous; both for you as a resident and for the roofer who will no doubt have to return. Partial repairs can reduce the structural integrity of your roof, causing it to collapse once stepped on. This will injure the worker and leave a gaping hole in your roof until the rest can be tested for the same lack of structural integrity. Make sure that the roofer repairing your roof does a smooth, complete repair—no matter how much time it takes. Your home (and wallet!) will thank you.

2. Cutting Corners

Often, DIY roof repairs or those made by non-professionals can result in cut corners. Using lazy, quick techniques and insufficient testing can lead to loads of dangers. This means your roof could be in danger of anything from rotting due to poor insulation and trapped moisture, to complete collapse! It’s vital to make sure your roof isn’t being japed on what it deserves—quality care with quality materials and craftsmanship. Another way people like to cut corners is by using partial claims from insurance adjusters—this will only result in a roof is in a greater state of disrepair than the last.

3. Only One Opinion

Getting only one opinion on your roof and what repairs need to be added can lead to a huge drain on your resources down the line. The repair professional could recommend materials that aren’t compatible with the weather in your area (ex. Hurricanes), could misdiagnose the problem, or may prove to not even be a real professional. By getting a second opinion from expert professional roofers like those at Pinnacle Roofing Systems, Inc., you can rest assured that your roof is in good hands. One way to know whether the professional values your home as much as you do is seeing if they offer free roof inspections. You shouldn’t have to pay to diagnose a problem.

4. Poor Materials

Don’t lose thousands on your roof just because you spent less on materials. Cheap roof repair materials can be a disaster for your home, especially if they are prone to breaking in extreme weather, like hurricanes. Cheap materials can lead to greater damage within the home, and even illness due to mold and mildew circulating through the home.

So, you may wonder, what steps should we take? 60% of homes in Corpus Christi still have damage due to hurricanes, and the season is nearly over. Follow up and get your windstorm certificate if you haven’t already. Also, remember if you don’t repair your roof, you won’t get insurance coverage, so act today! Check out Pinnacle Roofing Systems, Inc. for all your roofing needs at

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