Dull, Dated Bathroom? Don’t Replace…Refinish!

9:04 PM, Sep 25, 2018
1:17 PM, Jun 14, 2019

Remodel your old, dated bathtubs, tile, showers and vanities without paying for expensive renovations!

Miracle Method offers a fast, affordable and beautiful solution to upgrade your existing bathtubs, tile, vanity and fiberglass showers. Whether you’re seeking affordability, first-rate durability or just modern functionality, refinishing your existing bathroom surfaces might be the right solution for you. Miracle Method of Corpus Christi can provide you with an affordable option to remodeling without the inconvenience, mess and hassle of traditional replacement, with an added benefit of significant cost savings.

“Outdated, discolored or damaged bathroom surfaces can dramatically age the appearance of your home. With Miracle Method’s proprietary refinishing process, home owners are able to quickly repair and upgrade the appearance of their existing surfaces and eliminate the need for any type of demolition, removal or replacement,” Says Eddie Naro, owner of Miracle Method of Corpus Christi. “Miracle Method’s Natural Accents® stone-look finishes will give your existing tile, bathtubs, showers and vanity surfaces a beautiful, new look for a fraction of the cost of real stone or granite. These unique stone-look finishes are available in a variety of designer color choices to accommodate our style needs and budget,” adds Naro.

Using a multi-step cleaning, repairing, refinishing and sealing process combined with a non-acid bonding agent,  Miracle Method creates a more durable finish than any other refinisher. Best of all, refinishing can transform your kitchen or bathrooms in as little as two days or less. 

For help updating your bathroom and kitchen with beautifully refinished surfaces, check out Miracle Method of Corpus Christi or visit our showroom located at 5825 Patton, between Staples and Airline off Holly Road. See the difference refinishing can make and allow us to demonstrate how we can save you money over traditional removal and replacement remodeling. Our work is guaranteed!

Our Location

Miracle Method of Corpus Christi

5825 Patton St

Corpus Christi, TX 78414


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