Power Field: 5 Reasons the Electrical Industry is a Safe Bet in this Economy

12:39 PM, Jan 04, 2019
1:41 PM, Jun 12, 2019

The internet is brimming with news headlines about which industries and jobs will survive our ever-changing economy and which ones will become obsolete soon. It can make any recent graduate or person considering a career change frightened of the future, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are still certain fields that will remain as valid as ever in coming years, and the electrical industry is one.

If you’re a recent high school or college graduate pondering your path, or an adult looking to change jobs, consider a career path in electricity. Not only is it not going anywhere, but the opportunities appear to be more exciting than ever.

1. The need for electrical energy will increase.

According to the World Economic Forum, “the global demand for energy consumption will increase 30% by 2030.” With over seven billion people on the planet, providing power is a huge job for a huge workforce. From smartphones to electrical cars, everyone has a piece of the energy pie.

2. Skilled labor will be valuable.

Many high school graduates decide to earn four-year degrees meaning skilled labor will soon be a commodity. If you’ve considered attending a technical college to learn a trade, becoming an electrician is a great choice. With training that is more hands-on versus theoretical, the course of study for an electrician is perfect for those who prefer “on-the-job” education.

3. Older members of the electricity workforce will retire.

The World Economic Forum reminds us that older members of the workforce will eventually retire and the old guard will transition into the new. This creates an ideal situation for college graduates and others who are considering a career in the electrical industry to become part of an exciting new workforce.

4. The world of electricity is shifting, and innovative ideas are welcome.

If you have not heard yet, sustainable energy sources are becoming more prevalent. From solar to geothermal to hydropower to wind energy, communities are catching on and so are utility companies. According to the World Economic Forum, as consumers, we can expect “the shift from centralized power plants to the decentralization of electricity, meaning that energy now is generated, stored and distributed closer to where it’s used”—thus, creating more choice when shopping for utility companies.

5. As energy sources change, the number of people without power will change.

Sources say about 2 billion people worldwide live without access to reliable energy. Though this statistic is shocking and unpleasant, this number is forecasted to change soon enough. Thanks to cleaner and more sustainable sources of power—wind and solar rather than oil and coal, for example—and greater access to these sources globally, more people will have energy.

To further research and understand the vital role of electricians in the present and future and determine how you can contribute to this field, visit the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers at http://www.ibew.org.

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