Five Signs a Career in Electricity is the Right Choice for You

3:29 PM, Nov 12, 2018
2:04 PM, Jun 12, 2019

Scroll around the internet these days and all the social feeds are inundated with lists of “useless college majors” and “dying careers” – it’s enough to give any person considering their next move in life a serious headache. While connecting your passion with a fulfilling career that will last through the years is not as easy as it once was, it’s still possible. The electrical industry is still one of the fastest-growing and best fields to get into. Are you a good fit for this path? Here are five signs that you should consider a career in the electrical industry.

1. You were a STEM student at a young age.

Think about how you spent your days as a kid – were you always taking things apart and putting them back together? Did you prefer the kind of toy that challenged you? And did you excel at math, science and computer classes  in school, constantly bringing home good grades in the STEM subjects? All of these are early signs that you are probably a great fit for a career in electricity.

2. You aren’t sure you want to go the four year college route.

These days, a college degree is expensive and does not even come close to guaranteeing anyone a job after graduation to pay back those hefty bills. In the case of becoming an electrician, you won’t need to go get a traditional bachelor’s degree; certification programs take a much shorter time to complete, getting you out of school and into the workforce much sooner.

3. You love hands-on work.

Applying for an apprenticeship is a key component of becoming a full fledged electrician, and the opportunity to work with an experienced person in the field is a great way to kick off your career and learn in a hands-on environment. If you’ve always loved “getting your hands dirty,”- and despised the idea of sitting all day in an office cubicle –  becoming an electrician is a great choice. As both a student and a professional, you’ll enjoy a tactile environment.

4. You’re a natural problem solver.

While the field of electricity is not going anywhere, it is definitely changing in the years to come. From infrastructure to energy sources, the way that folks all over the globe will get their power in the future is shifting – and, best of all, you could be part of that shift. If you’re a natural problem solver who loves to face challenges head-on, working in the electrical industry is the perfect opportunity to put your ideas to the test and contribute to a brighter future.

5. You desire a rewarding, long-lasting career.

In today’s world, many people are forced to hop from job to job because their fields either lose momentum or they can’t make enough money to support a family. Good news – this won’t happen in the field of electricity. People will always need power, and if you crave a career that is exciting and challenging from now until retirement – plus offers the income, benefits and insurance your family needs – you will love being an electrician.

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