5 Reasons Why the World Needs More Great Electricians

1:55 PM, Sep 07, 2018

Today’s college students, recent graduates and those looking to switch career paths have a lot to consider. Not only should individuals look for a profession that will be fulfilling and provide a decent livelihood, they should also seek a vocation with longevity in today’s evolving workforce and world.

A career in electricity is a fantastic occupation to consider for a number of different reasons. If you can see yourself being a part of a this community of forward-thinking achievers, the rewards are plentiful, because the world needs more great electricians. Here are five reasons why.

1. The Demand for Electrical Energy Will Not Dim

According to the World Economic Forum (weforum.org), “the global demand for energy consumption will increase 30 percent by 2030.” Makes sense, right? With more than 7 billion people on the planet, providing power is a huge job for a huge workforce. From smartphones to electrical cars, everyone is going to have a piece of the energy pie.

2. There’s a Shortage of Skilled Labor – and a Need for It

Many young people are opting to earn four-year degrees in the arts or sciences, meaning skilled labor is going to be a hot commodity in the near future. If you’ve considered attending a technical college to learn a trade, becoming an electrician might be the perfect fit. With training that is more hands-on than theoretical, the course of study for an electrician is perfect for those who prefer on-the-job education.

3. Older Electrical Workers Will Need to Be Replaced

The World Economic Forum also points out that an aging workforce is a reality. Soon enough, your grandfather, father and uncle are going to retire. In other words, it’s a prime time for college graduates and others who are considering a career in the electrical industry to seize the opportunity and become part of a new force of dedicated individuals.

4. Utility Companies Will Require Fresh Ideas

It’s no secret that newer energy sources are becoming popular. From solar to geothermal to hydropower to wind energy, communities are catching on – and so are utility companies.

According to the World Economic Forum, we can expect “the shift from centralized power plants to the decentralization of electricity, meaning that energy now is generated, stored and distributed closer to where it’s used.” In other words, consumers will have more choice when shopping utility companies in the future thanks to the “decentralization” of power hubs.

5. More People Will Have Access to More Energy Sources

Sources say that about 2 billion people worldwide live without the access to any source of reliable energy. While certainly surprising and disheartening news, that gap is likely to close soon enough. Thanks to cleaner sources of power – wind and solar rather than oil and coal, for example – and greater access to those sources on a global level, more people will have energy in the years to come.

To further research and understand the vital role of electricians in the present and future, and determine how you can contribute to this field, visit the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers at IBEW.org.

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