Under Lock and Key: Five Items to Keep Inside Your Household Safe

10:55 AM, May 17, 2019
1:53 PM, Jun 12, 2019

Congratulations on purchasing your first household safe! Now you can rest assured that your valuables will stay protected from any mishaps that come around in life — but what kind of valuables do you actually have? Even if you don’t own scores of diamonds or fancy watches, there are certain things that you ought to keep inside of a household safe.

Here are five items that we recommend stowing inside a safe for ultimate protection.

1. Important documents related to your home and family

Whether it’s a birth certificate, death certificate, paperwork about the home you own or anything else that is related to family or estate, these papers absolutely need to be kept out of harm’s way. A safe will ensure that such important family documents won’t be burned in the event of a house fire or damaged in a flood, however, most experts suggest having copies of birth certificates and home deeds inside the safe, and keeping originals elsewhere. A few papers we recommend tucking inside your new safe include:

Bank access information

  • Copies of birth and death certificates
  • Copies of property deeds
  • Insurance Papers
  • Medical information

2. Cash for life emergencies

Experts recommend that families prepare for natural disasters or unexpected emergencies by having a sizeable sum of cash ready. But where is a person supposed to keep such an amount of money so that it stays protected? A safe is the definitive answer. Your household safe will keep cash locked away from potential break-ins as well as fires and other household accidents.

3. Jewelry or other fine metals and stones

If you do have fine jewelry, a safe is a fantastic place to keep it stowed when you aren’t wearing it to a fairy tale ball. Most families have a few heirloom pieces of jewelry in their household safe, ensuring that a thief cannot access diamonds and other items in the event of a burglary.

4. The gun your grandfather gave you

Depending on what kinds of firearms your family owns and their size, you might want to invest in a slightly larger safe that is specifically built for firearms. Nevertheless, experts recommend a safe as the best spot for guns, especially guns that are older and might be more valuable to a criminal.

5. Collectibles with substantial value

Whether it’s a coin or stamp collection passed down through the ages or a quirky assortment of valuable knick-knacks that you plan to sell one day, collectible items are best stowed away out of sight inside a household safe. Not only will you be protecting your investment from fire and water, a thief won’t be able to haul off and pawn your precious items without your consent.

Want to know more about what to put inside of a household safe, or what kind of safe might be best for your valuable items? Contact Hollon Safe at HollonSafe.com.

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