The 3 Best Safes for Protecting Your Money

11:42 AM, Mar 11, 2019
1:54 PM, Jun 12, 2019

These days, hardly anyone carries a large amount of cash around. All of us prefer the convenience and security of a debit or credit card or even paying with a mobile phone. When an emergency or natural disaster strikes, it’s important to have plenty of cash on hand – but what about when the emergency or disaster is in your home, the very place where you keep emergency funds?

There’s no better way to keep your hard-earned emergency dollars secure than with a safe, and that goes for other important documents too. Here are a few of our picks for protecting cash from fire, water and burglary.

1. The 2-Hour Home Safes

Homeowners looking to protect their cash from fire and water will love the Hollon 2-hour home safe series. These tough safes have thick, sturdy walls and a grooved door seal, ensuring protection from temperatures up to 1850 degrees Fahrenheit as well as from water for up to two hours. Because these safes weigh under 200 pounds – with a few under 100 – they are practical choices for stowing inside the home and for taking on the road. They are perfect for any homeowner who wants to protect cash and valuable documents from household emergencies and natural disasters.

2. The Oyster Series

Looking for a safe to protect your cash or other valuables from a potential fire in the home as well as a relentless burglar? The Oyster Series by Hollon features safes that have been fire tested for two solid hours in temperatures as scorching as 1700 degrees. In addition, the secure door on these safes cannot be opened even if the hinges are removed through force – much like an oyster – and anyone who is attempting to steal your valuables will be deterred. With varying sizes and weights from a little over 200 pounds up to more than 1000 pounds, homeowners will certainly find an oyster series safe to suit their security needs.

3. The TL-15 PM and TL-30 MJ Series

Do you want the absolute best safe that money can buy to keep your cash, important papers and other valuables protected? Check out the TL-15 safes.  These steadfast “fortresses” come with a fire and burglary warranty for a lifetime – because there is literally no way that a burglar or house fire can penetrate the walls of these safes and harm what is inside.

What does the TL-15 rating mean for you? It means that the safe was attacked by a third party using a variety of tools and could not be destroyed in 15 minutes. We’re talking tools ranging from power saws to sledge hammers – and hot temperatures up to 350 F degrees internally and 1750 F externally – the strength of a forest fire. The PM series by Hollon features a few different safes. Each one comes with TL-15 rating; they simply differ in size and weight.

Meanwhile, the TL-30 MJ series, also in a variety of sizes and weights, offers protection from virtually anything for up to 30 minutes – these are maximum security safes.

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