I Want a Safe. Now What? Tips for New Home Safe Buyers

2:51 PM, Jan 30, 2019
1:41 PM, Jun 12, 2019

Thinking about buying a safe? It’s understandable — your family likely has some valuable documents and items that you would like to keep out of harm’s way. Whether it’s fine jewelry, important documents or firearms, your most treasured possessions deserve a place of their own to put your mind at ease.

If you aren’t sure how to go about buying a safe or what kind to get, it’s best to do a little research first. Certain types of safes are best suited for certain items, and safes vary in size and style as well. Here are five things to keep in mind when you’re considering a home safe.

Know what you’re protecting.

Not all safes are meant for all valuables. If your family is protecting documents, such as birth and death certificates or estate paperwork, you might not, for example, purchase a safe that is meant to store firearms. Before buying a safe, think about what it is you want to keep in it. There are safes that are meant specifically for jewelry, cash, guns and more.

Know what you’re protecting from.

A safe is not just in case a burglar comes into your home and wants to steal your valuables — though that’s certainly important. Safes are also useful for keeping your valuables protected in the event of fire or water damage. That said certain safes have the ability to withstand a much higher temperature than others. For example, some home safes are able to withstand temperatures that are as high as 1850 degrees Fahrenheit for as much as two hours! That means even in a scorching fire, your precious items are more likely to be rescued and survive. As for water, a grooved door seal keeps items inside nice and dry.

Know the security.

A certain rating known as a TL rating determines how difficult it would be for a criminal to destroy the safe. For example, a TL-15 security rating on a safe in your home means that a burglar could attack the safe for up to 15 minutes before the safe would be compromised in any way. A TL-30 X6 rating means that the safe could withstand being attacked on all of its walls for 30 minutes — a great investment if you are storing high dollar items.

Know the lock types.

These days, there are a few different types of locks to choose from. You can still opt for the standard key lock or the dial combination lock. For something slightly more sophisticated, an electronic lock or a biometric lock (which opens with the touch of a fingerprint) is worth looking into. 

Size and weight make a difference.

Of course, size and style also make a difference when you’re shopping for a safe. Knowing how elusive you want the safe to be and where you plan to keep it in your home — or whether you will want to move it — are important before you begin shopping. For example, you may decide you want a floor safe that hides inside the foundation of your home for ultimate security but you won’t be moving it any time soon. Or you might need a safe that is small enough to hide in a closet and light enough to take with you.

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