The Perfect Fitness Program For Beginners

5:10 PM, Feb 19, 2019

6 Reasons Why Contender FITness is Perfect For Beginners

Contender FITness is a lifestyle characterized by safe, effective exercise and sound nutrition. Contender FIT classes can be used to accomplish any goal, from improved health to weight loss to better performance. The program works for everyone — people who are just starting out and people who have trained for years.

You don’t need to be in shape to consider Contender FIT. Contender FIT is for anyone who is ready to begin their fitness journey in a challenging environment where results are the top priority. No matter what your current fitness level is, you can start today. As you become fitter, workouts will become more challenging. Every workout is designed to help you succeed, improve fitness and move you toward your goals.

1. The Workouts

The magic is in the movements. Workouts are different every day and modified to help each athlete achieve his or her goals. Contender FIT workouts can be adapted for people at any age and level of fitness. They focus on reducing body fat while increasing strength, balance and stability. Workouts consist of a fluid mix of fundamentals, like squats, lunges, running, rowing and core stability exercises.

2. The Lifestyle

Off the carbs, off the couch — the Contender FIT lifestyle is a combination of diet and exercise that can hold the key to fitness and long-term health. If you are willing to do the work necessary to create the body you need to thrive, you’re ready for Contender FIT.

3. The Community

You have a tremendous support network. In our Contender FIT program, people encourage and motivate each other in every class as they work toward their goals. Start training in a group setting with friends.

4. Constant Variation

Different every day, Contender FIT workouts are tailored to the individual and designed to break down, confuse and build muscle with each workout.

5. Functional Movements

Contender FIT uses safe, effective and efficient movements similar to those you use every day in life. The exercises build strength and balance by demanding the body do things it was made to do in ways it was designed to.

6. High Intensity

In Contender FIT workouts, intensity levels are adjusted to challenge the individual and safely improve fitness and accomplish your goals. The more you achieve, the more challenging the workout so your body never has a chance to rest on its laurels. You’ll see the results and you won’t stop seeing them.

Contender FITness is not your ordinary gym. We don’t charge memberships; we create relationships. We don’t take attendance; we expect commitment. We don’t use machines; we build them. If you believe the pursuit of fitness is achieved through quality programming, coaching and community, you have found the gym for you. Find out more by calling 361-336-0487 or visiting

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