4 Money Saving Advantages of a Heat Pump

2:56 PM, Jan 04, 2019
2:05 PM, Jun 12, 2019

Many homeowners who look to save money while maintaining the comforts of a climate-controlled home overlook the advantages of a heat pump versus expensive alternatives. Air-sourced heat pumps function more efficiently than the common air conditioning systems found in the Southern Texas coastal region and can easily reduce a monthly cooling bill. In fact, homeowners willing to invest in the system can realize great savings.

Here are four advantages to using a heat pump in your southern Texas home.

1. A heat pump system is incredibly energy efficient

The standard electricity-sourced air ventilator generates more than 3 times the amount of energy required to cool down your home. Rather than relying on any fuel source, a heat pump circulates the air temperatures occurring naturally in the outdoors.

2. Double duty is the standard level of efficiency for heat pumps

Most homeowners install a heating system for the winter and a cooling system for the summer. In doing so, they fail to grasp the unique ability of a heat pump to provide both functions—especially in a region that‘s mostly dry in the winter. Regardless of the season, a heat pump‘s efficiency is equipped to maintain comfort.

3. A heat pump lasts for 10-15 years longer than other HVAC systems

No matter the wear and tear this system endures, it‘s more equipped to handle extreme weather conditions than a standard HVAC foundation. Your investment is well-founded in a future where heat pumps efficiently disperse the air quality in your home. In fact, it is 3 times more efficient than other standard heating systems.

4. No additional maintenance is required for years after your purchase

A standard HVAC unit requires substantial attention compared to heat pump. Typically, a routine 1-year appointment with an HVAC professional is recommended which remains the standard year after year so an inspection can reveal if further attention is needed.

There are many reasons homeowners in this region of Texas don’t consider the heat pump their standard method of home cooling, but that’s an outdated way of thinking. At least from a savings perspective, the person who switches from owning 2 separate heating and cooling systems is not liable for the same amount of exhausted energy as someone who uses a heat pump. Combining 2 processes into one system makes for a more efficient season in the dry southern atmosphere of Corpus Christi.

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