Protect Your Air Conditioner In A Hurricane Storm

9:17 PM, Jul 02, 2018
9:27 AM, Jun 19, 2020

It’s hurricane season and CCAC wants to ensure homeowners take the correct precautions to protect their HVAC system.

Before The Storm Hits

With the right preparation, your air conditioning can make it through this hurricane season without needing replacement.

  • Your air conditioning unit is not likely to blow away but it can be damaged by flying debris.  Be sure to trim branches near the unit and put away outdoor furniture and decorations


  • Turn off your air conditioner. Before a storm hits, humidity and temperatures drop and your air conditioner will not need to be on during the storm to keep you and your family comfortable. Leaving the AC on during a storm can cause serious electrical damage if power is lost and restored constantly.
  • Before the storm hits, turn the thermostat down several degrees lower than normal.  This will keep the home cool longer once you have to turn it off.  
  • Once the air conditioner is off, put a weather cover over the unit or board it up with plywood.  This will protect the unit from flying debris.  Once the storm has passed, be sure to remove the cover before turning it back on.

After The Storm Passed

Even after the storm has passed, precautions must be made before turning on your air conditioner.

  • Remove the weather cover that was placed before the storm hit.  Inspect the unit for any visibility of damage. Clear any debris. If there is noticeable damage, contact CCAC to have a professional technician inspect it for a full damage report.
  • Clear away any standing water or large pieces of debris that may have landed near your unit. If you were flooded the unit needs to be inspected by a professional to avoid serious injury.
  • If the power is blinking on and off or is unstable, make sure your air conditioner is turned off and remains off until the power is back and solid.  Voltage drops or surges can occur that could do permanent damage to your air conditioning equipment and any other electronics you have in the home.
  • If your unit appears to be in good shape and was not flooded, turn on the unit.  A home without circulating air is susceptible to mold and mildew, especially right after a high-moisture event such as a storm or hurricane.

If you ever have any questions regarding your air conditioner whether it is helping it survive a storm or turning it back on after the storm passes, call CCAC at (361) 855-3088.  For more information, visit

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