Coastal Bend in Desperate Need of Foster Parents

3:33 PM, Jul 25, 2018
9:46 AM, Jun 12, 2019

</p><p>In February, the state of Texas had approximately 7,000 children in need of foster homes and only 2,865 were placed.  Those not placed in a home were placed in emergency shelters.

According to Sasha Christensen, regional director of Benchmark Family Services, more than 150 children each month in the Coastal Bend alone are in need of a loving foster home.  “As of right now we only have 6 foster homes,” Christensen says. 

Sasha Christensen, regional director of Benchmark Family Services, works to provide stable and caring placements for youth in need of out-of-home care.  “Our mission is to advocate for children by insuring reasonable opportunities for healthy physical, psychological, and emotional growth and development in the most normal and least restrictive setting possible.”  Christensen works to coordinate programs and services to train adults to become foster parents. 

“My goal is to reach at least 50 to 60 foster homes throughout the Coastal Bend area (county coverage map below) with preferably two available beds in each home so we can meet the demand for children in need of foster homes in our community. “

Christensen shared a story of a recent foster child.  “In April of 2017 I placed a four year old little girl who has cerebral palsy and was non-verbal. She was malnourished with sunken eyes, dark circles and was not potty-trained. Within 30 days, she gained 10 pounds, grew two inches, became potty-trained and was speaking in short sentences. The progress she was able to make with the help of her foster parents was and continues to be truly amazing!! She’s my inspirational story for sure! She is still in the same foster home and they are planning to adopt her in a few months.”

She hopes that these kinds of stories will touch hearts of many adults thinking about fostering a child.  Christensen welcomes anyone wanting to consider being a foster parent.  She provides orientations throughout the week and works around the availability of the prospective foster parents. 

Should you be interested in becoming a foster parent, Osiris Canedo can be reached directly at (361)-444-4977 or at

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