From Training Wheels to Two Wheels: Tips for Helping Kids Learn to Ride

1:11 PM, Feb 25, 2019
12:17 PM, Jun 14, 2019

The experience of graduating from training wheels is a rite of passage for almost every child. For parents, though, it can seem like a daunting task. ‘Will they fall? I don’t want them to get hurt!’ These are common worries but teaching little ones to transition from training wheels or balance bikes to a regular bicycle doesn’t have to be hard or filled with tears and scraped knees. If you follow the simple tips below, your kid will ride solo in no time.

1. Raise their training wheels up.

If you’ve opted to introduce cycling with training wheels, give them some time to get used to them. After they’re comfortable, move the wheels higher so that there’s a slight wobble when they’re riding. Do this at least one more time. After a few days, they’ll have had enough time to grow comfortable with the new balancing act and you can move to the next step.

2. Take the training wheels and pedals off the bike.

This step may seem like a big one, but it isn’t if you follow these tricks. Start by taking the pedals and training wheels off your kid’s bike. You’ll also want to lower their seat so they can comfortably place their feet on the ground. Allow them to explore the new experience of balancing solely on two wheels. They should kick themselves around and pick up their feet to glide. When they can balance at a speed for a few seconds, they’re ready for the final step.

3.Put the pedals back on.

Once you’ve reinstalled the pedals, get ready for the signature parenting move you’ve been waiting for: the push. Be sure to communicate that your child should try to pedal after you’ve given them a start. If they need to stop or feel unsure, they can always still put their feet down. Grab hold of the back of their seat or give them a little shove on their lower back and watch them go!

If they get the hang of pedaling quickly, they can graduate to getting themselves going. The trick here is to have one pedal up high, at the one or two o’clock position. Teach them to stomp down on that pedal and kick with their other foot. This will give them enough speed to stay upright and pedaling.

One thing to note: If you used a balance bike instead of training wheels from the start, the transition to a regular bicycle is simpler and predominantly involves the last step on this list.

It’s really that easy, but if you have questions about this process, the professional staff at Bay Area Bicycles in Corpus Christi can help. They’re there to answer any may you have, from how to simplify this transition to what kind of bike is best for your little one. The team also provides free safety inspections and can educate you on bike-related questions.

The shop has been locally owned and operated since 1987. Visit them online at,in person at 6020 S Padre Island Drive, or call them at (361) 993-7000.

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