3 Signs Your Bike Needs a Free Safety Inspection

11:38 AM, Sep 18, 2018
12:39 PM, Jun 14, 2019

When it comes to riding your bicycle on busy roads or bumpy trails, making sure that you keep your wits about you is only half the battle to staying safe. Your bike could be hiding any number of issues that might lead to an accident or leave you stranded far from home.

Below, learn the three signs to look out for that signal your bicycle might need a safety inspection.

1. Your Gears Occasionally Catch or Don’t Shift Easily

When you’re pedaling, do your gears catch; does the chain come off? What about when you shift to a certain gear – does your bike reach higher gears? Do the shifters feel slow? Does it take multiple rotations for the new gear to engage? All of these may be signs of bigger issues.

2. Your Wheels Feel Unsteady

There are multiple components that go into wheel safety, from the bearings to the spokes to the tires themselves. If one piece of the puzzle is out of whack, your bicycle can quickly go from safe to very dangerous. Not only can your tires blow if they’re over-inflated or just cracked from age, but they also can come off the rim if they’re rotted. They also can lose traction if the tread is too worn. If your spokes aren’t properly tightened, this can lead to other spokes becoming loose and the collapse of the wheel under your weight.

3. Your Brakes Don’t Respond Well

Brake levers, pads, and cables all work together to ensure you’re able to stop efficiently and safely, but when pads are worn down, or cables are frayed or rusty, this can result in a dangerous ride should you need to stop suddenly – or at all. Bay Area Bicycles will be able to easily identify what, if any, part of your brake system needs to be replaced or tuned up.

When it comes to making sure your bicycle is in tip-top shape, head on over to the Bay Area Bicycles Service Page where they provide free safety inspections walkthrough video on diagnosing common bike issues.

The shop has been locally owned and operated since 1987, and Wayne and his crew can help you with everything from maintenance to repairs, finding the right bike for you, properly fitting your bicycle to your body, and so much more. Visit them online at BayAreaBicyclesCCTX.com, in person at 6020 S Padre Island Drive or by phone at (361) 993-7000.

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