6 Surprising Benefits of Wearing the Correct Footwear

12:01 PM, Jan 28, 2019
10:08 AM, Jun 13, 2019

You might think fashion is painful but is it worth it if it could cause lasting damage to your health? High heels for hours on end, work loafers that are too small for your feet, or flat gym shoes with no support can all damage your mobility, and even cause permanent damage to your feet. Check out these six surprising benefits to wearing the correct footwear:

1. It Can Keep your Achilles Tendon from Shortening

According to a study by Harvard Medical School, wearing heels for a long period can lead to a shortening of your Achilles tendon, which can lead to shortened strides, stunted calf muscles, and even permanently flexed toes. By wearing correct footwear for long periods of time, you can prevent these permanent injuries while giving your body the opportunity to recover from the damage of bad shoes.

2. It Can Prevent Falls

A study by the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society states wearing shoes with good arch support, a rounded toe, a low or flat heel, and soft material will lower your risk of falling, and can, in fact, prevent falls better than bare feet.

3. They Prevent Back Pain

Wearing the right shoes can not only save your feet but your back as well! Choosing a shoe with a large footbed and wide toe box allows your feet to spread out, giving you more stability and less pressure on your back to keep your balance.

4. They Can Heal Foot Problems

Great shoes can not only prevent injuries down the line but can also healexisting injuries! Orthopedic shoes that support the arch of your foot or the outside of your foot can help heal ankle injuries that have occurred over time from wearing incorrect footwear.

5. They Can Help You Exercise Better

Have you ever gone for a run, only to come back 20 minutes later, legs aching from braving the pavement? Wearing the correct footwear for whatever exercise you pursue can bolster you during that exercise. This is because the proper footwear will absorb the shock of your body bouncing off the ground, keeping your body from having to work overtime to handle the impact. This also means that not all exercise shoes are equal—basketball shoes, with a flat heel and arch support, will not be as effective as running shoes, and vice versa. Wearing the correct footwear for your exercise can improve your performance, and protect your body, too.

6. It Prevents Numbness

Ever had a weird feeling after wearing those uncomfortable, pinching work shoes for too long? Your work shoes might cause paresthesia or pins and needles caused by foot constriction. This prolonged pressure in your foot can cause your walking to become impaired, or even affect your knees and back! Wearing the correct footwear at work can protect your feet and body all day long even if you’re just sitting down at your desk.

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