Five Reasons to Upgrade Your Decor with Blinds, Shades or Shutters

1:47 PM, Nov 30, 2018
8:27 AM, Jun 13, 2019

Sometimes, homes need a facelift. Hitting the “refresh” button on the overall look and feel of a home is more than necessary. The trouble is, it’s not always financially possible to makeover the kitchen or add that extra bathroom on the hallway. So what is a savvy homeowner to do when she’s itching for a new look? Custom blinds, shades and shutters are a simple and cost-effective way to update a space. Here are five of our favorite reasons to consider this route when the urge to redecorate hits.

New window treatments are a cost-effective way to change a room.

Changing a home’s complete look isn’t a cheap mission, and homeowners often balk at the sticker price on remodeling or buying new furniture. For a more cost-effective update and upgrade that changes the total appearance of a room, it’s wise to consider custom blinds, shades or shutters. Windows are a focal point in any home, and new window treatments will draw the eye and give the space a brand new look.

With all the custom options out there, style will shine through.

Many homeowners are unaware of the variety of options available for custom window treatments. From blinds to shutters to shades, today’s window treatments come in a bevy of different colors, patterns and even shapes. Whether a homeowner’s style is more coastal chic or country charm, window treatments can beautifully show off that aesthetic.

Blinds, shades and shutters can keep energy bills lower.

Everyone loves a bright beam of sunshine to liven up a room, but sometimes when it’s hot outside, closing blinds and shutters can make a big difference in comfort level. The same goes for winter—a little sun goes a long way to ease shivering. Custom window treatments can keep energy costs lower by closing to help rooms stay cooler in the summer, then retracting to let sunlight in to warm up space when the mercury drops.

Window treatments will protect investments.

Homeowners take their investments seriously, from the house structure itself to the furniture, heirlooms and artwork that make any house a home worth living in. Protect precious valuables from the outside world with custom blinds or shades. Not only will direct sunlight fade and damage expensive art and furniture, it’s also a good idea to keep valuable items away from the view of passers-by. Privacy goes a long way.

New window treatments will appeal to potential buyers.

Most of us had a somewhat basic apartment the first time we moved away from home. Remember those plastic mini-blinds on the windows, and how they did not exactly scream luxury? Homeowners who are looking to sell soon can make the space more attractive to buyers by investing in updated window treatments. Showing off the beauty and style of the home with tasteful decor helps buyers see potential.

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